Quectel BC95-G / USA New Jersey - not connecting to network

New to this community! My products have LoRa connectivity option and we are trying to add NB connectivity option. This is completely new beast for us:)
Using BC95-G module, and trying to connect to network, I am getting error: “Failed to activate context profile!” when running command AT+CGATT=1
Can anyone help please?
Module can read the SIM number correctly. These are the bands supported by module NBAND:5,8,3,28,20,1
What is the network availability near Princeton, NJ, USA? Hope Hologram does work in this area

Most carriers still haven’t finalized their methodology for NB roaming yet so we don’t support it right now. At the moment, the best we can do on the front is Cat-M1.
As NB technology gets more finalized we should have more information about that.

That is pretty disappointing to know :cry:

Do you have any idea when it might start to be supported? I was also looking at the BC95-G module (and am in the US).

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