Quectel BC95G/Australia/Telstra

I seem to be having problems connecting with the network in Australia. I’m using a Quectel BC95G module. I’ve successfully connected using a local sim but wanted to try using Hologram. I can detect the local cell tower of Telstra but cannot connect. I’m using CAT-NB1 and band 28.

Hologram does not support NB-IOT networks at this time. It does support CAT-M1 on Telstra’s network but you will need a different modem (like the BG96, or the SARA-R410-M used by the Nova).

That’s a bit unfortunate! We were hoping to demo our product in the US next week using the hologram sim.

Is there a timeframe for when you will support CAT-NB1?

Nothing official from Hologram, it seems the NB-IOT networks globallly are less mature and one of the biggest struggles for virtual networks like Hologram is that roaming is not supported by NB-IOT implementations. So really the question is more “when companies like Telstra or AT&T will allow roaming on their NB-IOT networks”.

Reading between the lines, I think it will be a while, like 6-12 months+ and then probably on a network by network basis, not across the board. I too am interested in Hologram getting NB-IOT support as it looks like Europe is going with NB-IOT over Cat-M1.

@tin_roof We are working on it, but can’t say any dates yet. It’s possible that we can get you into an early test though. Can you email us at support@hologram.io and we can get you on the list?

Oh and as @AndrewGifft mentioned, the roaming capabilities here are very much in flux so it’s hard for us to guarantee on a country by country basis right now. Odds are US will come first and then others.

Gents, thanks for the responses. The need for the hologram sim was mainly for a demo in the US next week, so Plan-B will be to get a sim over there. CAT-NB1 seems to be bleeding edge at the moment.

Reuben thanks for the offer of the early test, but I humbly decline and will keep a look out for when it is implemented in hologram.


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