R410 BOM doesn't match schematic and PCB


Regarding the Hologram Nova Gerbers:

The following components are listed on the schematic and on the PCB, I don’t see these components on the BOM.

L1, C1, C3, C4, C8, C7, C5, D6, D7, D8, D9.

Can someone help me understand why these are missing? Are these components no longer needed?

Several of these capacitors are used for decoupling and may be optional. But L1 is required as 0 ohm resistor to receive 5V from USB.

Additionally, there are components on the BOM (R11, R51, C43) that are DNI (not populated) on the schematic. Are these components required?

If anyone knows this would be very helpful! Thank you.

Hello @eprast22, I have found L1 in a BOM at,


but all of the other parts you enumerate are a mystery. Some of those parts appear to play a minor role in the circuitry (and may be unnecessary), but others appear to be necessary for the device to operate.


Hi, might be some confusion between the R410 and U201 here as they use the same PCB but we just place a few things differently for the different modules. We’ll try to get you some clarification today

Thank you very much for this help

BOM-HologramModemRevJ410B-nopackaging.zip (1.4 KB)
This should be what you want. This is actually a slightly newer version that gets rid of a couple components that aren’t needed.

This one should match the boards that are out in the world now:
BOM-HologramModemRevJ410.zip (1.3 KB)

Hi Reuben, thank you for the quick response. I took a quick look at the file and all the missing components ARE included with values. You’re the best!

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