R410 DNS problem

I’m setting up a Nova with the Sara R410M board to send a little data to my server. It works with the Hologram custom cloud cli functions. The data use is a little high with this method, using ppp etc.

So I’m trying to use AT commands, It works, AT+USOCR=6 to create the socket. AT+USOCO to connect to my server using the ip address/port #. AT+USOWR to send the data. AT+USOCL to close the socket.

I really need to do DNS lookup though, and it does not work -


Just gives ERROR

Any thoughts? do I need to set the dns server ip address somehow?

Thanks, Ken

Try passing your server URL to the USOCO command which takes domain names as well. See the AT command manual table 18.9.3 (I added bold formatting):

<remote_addr> String Remote host IP address or domain name of the remote host. For IP address format
reference see the IP addressing

Note the AT command UDNSRN is not supported on commercially available R410M (which is usually the R410M-02B version) unless you flashed the firmware to -52B or custom ordered the -52B variant. See “Modules” just under heading 17.1 in AT command manual. Note I am just reading from the manual HERE. I havent tested these commands.

Best of luck. Note I think DNS tends to have ~200 bytes payload + TCP handshake overhead. I’m not sure how the modems handle TTL for lookups (whether they lookup everytime they connect or adhere to TTL).

Thanks Andrew, your suggestion was spot on. Actually makes it simpler.

Will try to do some more testing to confirm bytes used for each method and post results.

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