R410M modem not receiving SMS

I’m unable to have the R410M modem receive SMS messages (it will send SMS to the Hologram dashboard) Two posts about this from 2020 did not help me solve the problem.

When I use U201 modem everything works well.
I’m using Raspberry pi 3B+ with a fresh install of Buster.
python3 version: 3.7.3
Hologram SDK version 0.9.1
Hologram Nova R410M Cat-M1 & NB-IoT (on the box)
Hologram Nova US 4G LTE Cat-M1 Cellular USB Modem (R410)
Modem version: L0.,A.02.04
same sim card as used the U201

Below is both the bash code and the python code I use (neither one receives SMS)

I’ve got to come clean: the R410M modem is the first modem I used and couldn’t get it to work properly.
So I switched to using U201
Now with the anticipation of 2G/3G not being available need to get R410M working
When I first used the R410M I did change some AT settings (I know close to nothing about these and did not document what or why changes were made).
So if an AT setting would be an issue and survive re-booting then that may be my problem.
(If so is there a factory reset script or can someone tell me the correct settings? I would need AT settings for dummies).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bash script:

str=$(sudo hologram receive --sms -t 60)
#echo "message received after removed first 46 characters is: "$str
if [[ $str == “” ]]; then
echo “No message received”
#echo "str is: "$str
echo "Message received: "$str

No message received

python script simpleReceiveSMS.py
(run command: sudo python3 simpleReceiveSMS.py

.# receives sms and prints the message -

import time
from Hologram.HologramCloud import HologramCloud
hologram=HologramCloud(dict(), network=‘cellular’) #setup hologram cloud
hologram.enableSMS #tell hologram to listen for sms

.# sets up while loop so will receive all sms messages
delimiter=", message: "
condition = True
while condition:
recv = hologram.popReceivedSMS()
if not delimiter in str(recv):
condition = False
print(“No (more) sms messages to receive.”)
print(recv) # prints “None” if no message received

No (more) sms messages to receive.

Update: I installed the latest firmware (using EasyFlash and the latest firmware file: SARA-R410M-02B-03-L0.
Still unalbe to receive sms’s.
I would appreciate any any ideas how to correct (or even troubleshoot) or where to go from here. I’d like to stay with Hologram Nova but if I have to replace a fleet of modems to another unit (any suggestions?); likely I have to re-write a lot of code, I will.

I have the same modem (but using arduino). Where did you get the firmware file ? (05.12)

I ended up contacting ublox. Sorry I don’t remember the exact url but I started at ublox.com and then (I think) support, cellular. Doing that process now I came up with:
u-blox Portal
but did NOT try to submit (so can’t confirm this is the right place). After a day or two I received an email with link, logon & password to download the firmware. This process has been time consuming and frustrating and just as the units/software/hardware I recommend to/install for my clients is a reflection of me, so too is this process a reflection not only of U-blox but of Hologram also.

I made calls to ublox, to the distributors and finally got to arduino support and made some inroads there. They sent very good instructions and links to zips. I have several to get upgraded. First one in testing. (But only have instructions to go from 05.06 to 05.08 so far)

I came across this post:

The salient steps are:
Run the following commands:


Wait for board to restart and let it sit for a few seconds then run:


Tip: If you have the Hologram SDK installed, can send AT commands (took me a while to discover this although it’s clearly in the sudo hologram modem -h (help) section - I find this A LOT easier than using screen)
sudo hologram modem command

Hope this helps someone.

Don’t know if it’s related but if I send several sms messages from the Hologram dashboard and then on my Rpi run the script to receive sms’s I only get one.