random ~ 1s delay outside loop{}


I am noticing that every once in a while (maybe periodically), the dash takes almost exactly 1 second to do “some stuff” outside of the main void loop. More specifically, as measured from the loop{} end to start it sometimes takes 1001-1002 ms.

My knowledge of the arduino architecture is of a novice, but my understanding is that it abstracts things from the user to make the programming interface easier for beginners.

Is this delay that I am seeing caused by the arduino overhead or something specific to the dash libraries or hardware?

I am utilizing both hardware serial ports and am only using 2 interrupts on an external pins. During the times when this event occurs I am not seeing any interrupt and in fact they were not occurring even minutes before or after the 1s delay.

What is causing this and what can I do to mitigate the situation?

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Try to serial out a “start” and “end” inside your interrupt functions to see if the delay is in there.

Inside Loop, serial out the status of the cloud/network connection to see if the GPRS modem is connected or not.

And I assume you know where all your delay() calls are.

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