Recieve-sms example question

I have been poking around trying to determine if the Dash will work for my project. I came across this recieve-sms example sketch. The second line has an include for DashReadEvalPrint.h. However, I can’t find that file anywhere. What am I missing?

Hey, Jethro,

Absolutely nothing, as it turns out! :slight_smile:

The DashReadEvalPrint.h is an Arduino IDE library file that is auto-magically included with the latest Hologram Arduino udpate.

Check your Boards Manager in Arduino – you should have "Konekt Dash / Dash Pro Boards by Hologram (formerly Konekt) version 0.10.0 installed. This will include the DashReadEvalPrint.h automatically, and your program won’t see that as a missing library when it tries to compile.


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Got it ------ Thanks.

That example is going to be updated for use with Arduino release 0.10.0 and the new HologramCloud.

You only need to add #include DashReadEvalPrint.h to your sketch if you are using the Dash REPL library, as shown in that particular example. If you only want to use the receive SMS features of HologramCloud, that line isn’t necessary.

Check out this example for using HologramCloud and SMS receive.

This is also included with the IDE in Examples/DashExamples.

My Dash arrived and I got it up and running and figured out how to upload from the Arduino IDE. I also got a phone number so I can send SMS from my phone to the dash. I am having problems with the example you posted above. I changed the first alarm so it wakes up every 20 seconds instead of 5 minutes and I commented out the second alarm which was set for 25 minutes. Not sure why there were two alarms in there. So now every 20 seconds it connects to the Hologram Cloud and sends a signal strength message. I commented out the other messages. The issue I am having is that both Cloud and phone SMS messages are rarely processed and transmitted to the Hologram Cloud Dashboard and when they are it is usually several minutes after they were sent.

On the other hand, when I use the example posted in this thread both phone and Cloud SMS messages come through very quickly.

What’s the deal? Should I just use the older example for now?

The example in the other thread doesn’t go into deep sleep at all so that’s probably why it’s faster. Your sketch keeps powering off and then restarting the modem which adds a lot of time before it can receive an SMS. If you keep the board awake then you’ll be able to receive messages much faster. The tradeoff is higher power usage (though if you keep waking up every 20 seconds, you’re probably not saving anything.)

To expand more, instead of using alarm at all, you can probably just do a delay(20000) at the end of your loop function.

That made it better. Thanks.