recieved error when using sudo hologram modem location

Morning Everyone,

I’m looking to get the long/lat of my modems location however when I use the cli command “sudo hologram modem location” I get the error provided in the attached image. Can I get some help with this?

It’s what the message says. The R410 doesn’t support the cell locate feature. UBlox might add that in future models.

One of the main reasons for buying the Nova Cat-M1 & NB-IoT was to have access to this information as advertised on the main page @Reuben .

Oh I see. Would you like to be able to grab the location information that we show on the dashboard?
That works a different way and unfortunately isn’t part of the Nova CLI yet but is accessible via our API. You can do a GET request for the device ID and it will show the lat/long of the latest session.

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going to make some revisions and try it out.

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