Registration to Verizon Denied

Hey guys,

I’m trying to use a SIM7600-E to connect to Verizon 4G LTE. For some reason, the only network that the device will connect to is AT&T Mobility 3G. This would be fine - if AT&T was remotely good in my area. My RSSI is constantly ~-105 dBi for AT&T. Using AT+COPS?, I found that Verizon was available, as expected.
However, when using AT+COPS=4,2,"311480",7, to try and connect to Verizon, I get 0,3 when checking with AT+CREG?, indicating that my registration is being denied. Is there a way to fix this? Trying to work with the AT&T 3G is not viable for me currently because of how unstable the connection is.

Thank you!

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7600E I thinki is for EU region . Check 7600A. I got to know when i was working on Sim7000A

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