Release Candidate 1 for SDK version 0.9.1

Hi all,

We been making some fixes/additions to the SDK and wanted to let you guys know that we have a release candidate in the pipeline for version 0.9.1.

This RC includes the following changes:

  • PPP process is waited on for termination
  • SMS parser doesn’t break for non SMS-RECEIVE messages
  • Add chunking for messages over 512 bytes long
  • Install script checks for python versions >= 3.7
  • Fix bug in disconnect (thanks @akumlehn )
  • Send AT Commands from the CLI
  • Fix PPP errors related to routing and reconnection

The changes are on the develop branch on the github and can be installed either by cloning and installing it locally or running the pip command pip3 install -e git+

If there are any really high value things you feel need to be included please post here or create an issue on the github.