Response back from Webhook

Maybe this is documented somewhere but unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the answer quickly.

Is it possible to get data back to the device from a Webhook request? I would like to request some data from a cloud web service based on a Webhook request. I am trying to eliminate the web service having to make a connection out to hologram’s API, it would be better if the response to the Webhook could be forwarded to the device.

When you say webhook are you talking about our cloud to webhook integration?

I am talking about the Routes -> Advanced Webhook Builder that will post data to an external web service. After the post, it would be nice to get data back that could be forwarded to the device.

Aha ok. So yeah you can’t get data back right as a response to your device sending it’s message. However, take a look at the webhook section when you click on the device on the dashboard. You can make a return webhook that will send some data to whatever TCP or UDP port on the device that you want.
You can also do this via our REST API. Here’s some more reading:

@Reuben, thanks for the response. I did opt to go with having the Webservice respond back to the device through the REST API. In the end, I believe it to be more secure. The device is requesting a SaS key for Azure access from the web service. The device to Hologram request is only secured by the 8byte code. The Hologram cloud will accept that code from any outside IP address. So even if someone on the outside guessed/spoofed the code the reply from the web service with the SaS key will only go directly to the device, not back to the IP address that requested it.

Yes, that’s correct. Sounds like a good solution for you then.

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