REST API - Possible Bug


I think I may (emphasize MAY) have found a possible bug in your REST API backend. I’ve been playing around with sending SMS messages to my Dash using the REST API documentation here:

It turns out that when I when I fill in the “fromnumber” field with a valid phone number USING HYPHENS as shown in the docs, the endpoint is accepted, but no SMS reaches my Dash. Frustrating, and mysterious, since no SMS, but also no error codes. When I remove the hyphens from the “fromnumber,” the SMS reaches the Dash just fine.

Also: Is there any possible use in the Holgram Cloud Universe for the “fromnumber?” I see that as part of the normal data that reaches the Dash as part of an SMS, the “fromnumber” is not displayed.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Yeah that’s more a bug in the carrier systems. It looks like their APIs might not support hyphens in the number and may be just failing silently.
We’ll investigate a little more and make a note of this and add some functionality to our API to just pull out all the special characters if needed.

Thanks for the report.

As for the use of the fromnumber. We’ll be showing it in future firmware versions, but for now the main use is for some non-Hologram devices like GPS trackers that are configured via SMS and may have a whitelist of numbers for configuring or will send status messages back to whatever number queried them.