Restrict SIM to 2G only

Is it possible to restrict SIMs to 2G only? I have devices deployed remotely with 2G/NB-IoT modems (SIM7000E) that have previously been fine on 2G, but recently started connecting to a new extremely weak NB-IoT signal that doesn’t even have enough throughput to connect to our VPN that would allow me to hop in and AT+CNMP=13 to disable LTE. Is it possible from the Hologram Dashboard (or API) side to disable LTE/NB-IoT so that they’ll reconnect on 2G, or is this purely a modem thing?

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Sorry this wasn’t answered sooner but it is more reliably a device side thing. Generally speaking we want our SIMs to attach to as many RATs and carriers as possible so we usually don’t configure them to be denied based on RAT. There is also the issue that 2G/3G technology is being sunset so that would possibly leave your device stranded without any hope of connecting to anything. Not sure if you are in the US but 2/3G networks will likely be totally shutdown by the end of the year so it might be worthwhile to look for a stronger antenna to make use of that NB-IoT signal.