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Is it possible to create a route to the service. I have tried creating a custom webhook using my limited experience to no avail.
I was successful in sending a Post via wifi on an arduino platform directly to Pushbullet but have not been successful using Routes and a Dash. Trying to get away from WiFi and go cellular for obvious reasons.
Any help appreciated !!

How you setup the route depends on what you are trying to send. For Dash to my server’s route I created a topic and its route sends the data as a variable in the URL request:<<decdata>>

Where “decdata” is the decoded data from my Dash. In this case I create colon separated data of “temp:volts:count” and a topic of “T”


Pushbullet’s API looks to be JSON based, so you’d use for destination and then either compose JSON in the Post using variables or use ‘decdata’ if your Dash is already sending the properly formatted JSON.

This page has a pretty good breakdown with examples:

I haven’t used it before, but you’ll probably need to set up an authorization header in the route and include your access token for pushbullet.

Thanks Jer
Tried your suggestions and still having Route errors. Tried all different combinations to no avail. Below is a section of the code that I used which works when communicating through my wifi setup. Can you provide suggestions how to configure a route based on this code? Thanks in advance.

const char* host = “”;
const int httpsPort = 443;
const char* PushBulletAPIKEY = “my authorization key”;
// Use web browser to view and copy SHA1 fingerprint of the certificate from //
const char* fingerprint = “E7 06 F1 30 B1 5F 25 72 00 4D 99 F0 ED 90 4D F9 60 D3 FB 75”;

           Serial.println("\nStarting connection to server...");
	// if you get a connection, report back via serial:
	if (client.connect(host,httpsPort)){
 	Serial.println("connected to server");
 	// Make a HTTP request:
 	if (client.connected())
	{Serial.println("certificate matches");} 
	{Serial.println("certificate doesn't match");}
 	String url = "/v2/pushes";
 	String messagebody = "{\"type\": \"note\", \"title\": \"Push Title\", \"body\": \"Closing Verbage\"}\r\n";
 	Serial.print("requesting URL: ");
 	client.print(String("POST ") + url + " HTTP/1.1\r\n" +
 	"Host: " + host + "\r\n" +
 	"Authorization: Bearer " + PushBulletAPIKEY + "\r\n" +
 	"Content-Type: application/json\r\n" +
 	"Content-Length: " +
 	String(messagebody.length()) + "\r\n\r\n");
 	Serial.println("request sent");

Sorry, I don’t have direct experience with PushBullet, but I should give it a try, so I can get notified when my dash battery is low. ":^)

Are you sending just JSON as your Hologram message (i.e. something like the messagebody above)?

So destination URL:

Then in the route’s Payload (the decoded JSON):


Then down below the headers section add one for your authorization, not sure if you’d need to have the content-type/length.

Sending JSON from dash might look something like:

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