run hologram modem connect automatically after boot raspberry pi

Hi All,
I use Pi-3 as a very remote micro controller over VNC SSH connection and need the Nova modem to turn on automatically if pi reboot. The raspberry version I use is Jessie.
I tried to run sudo hologram modem connect through crontab, with file location /usr/local/bin/hologram but was not successfull.

  GNU nano 2.7.4          File: /tmp/crontab.8YooEa/crontab                     

 daemon's notion of time and timezones.

 Output of the crontab jobs (including errors) is sent through
 email to the user the crontab file belongs to (unless redirected).

 For example, you can run a backup of all your user accounts
 at 5 a.m every week with:
 0 5 * * 1 tar -zcf /var/backups/home.tgz /home/

 For more information see the manual pages of crontab(5) and cron(8)

 m h  dom mon dow   command
@reboot sudo hologram modem connect /usr/local/bin/

Will appreciate any suggestion / other approach , as I need to start the field trial as soon as possible
many thanks!

Why wouldn’t the Nova restart right after the Pi reboots? If you have the Pi connected via a good power source it shouldn’t be an issue.

Are you saying it has to be manually rebooted every time the Pi restarts?

Or is it a timing issue - do you need your process to wait for the Nova to restart before using it?

Nova modem is always powered after raspberry pi reboot (i.e. red led light). What I needed was for modem to connect to internet automatically after boot, so I can have remote access.
My solution was to use the following command on terminal:

sudo nano/etc/rc.local

then type the sudo command and full path before the exit 0 line:

sudo hologram modem connect& usr/bin/sudo

press C^ X


Only bug I have is:
need to run:
sudo hologram modem disconnect

prior to reboot otherwise the nova modem won’t connect, if I shut power off then turn it on, no problem with modem connection.

nova modem connect automatically

This is my goto article on how to start scripts on start. After many headaches I now only prefer Method 4: SYSTEMD.

If your Pi is power cycling quickly here is how I would debug.

  1. Is the Pi getting adequate power? If not the issue might be brown outs. We recommend using a 5v2.4a power adaptor.
  2. After reboot if the Nova is still connected but the SDK is not aware of it try running sudo hologram modem disconnect before running the connect command.
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you can also use
sudo nano .bashrc

Scroll down and make the very last line of code whatever command or process you want to run.
For instance, I run a program that activates a GPIO program to listen for a button press and then it executes my program.

Log into your pi
enter password
In terminal type
sudo nano .bashrc
scrool to the very last line of code and enter your program file like so
sudo python /home/pi/ &
hit control X and then enter and BOOM, you’re in business baby.

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