I was trying to order the DASH with SARA-R404M-00B for my Verizon network but there doesn’t appear to be a means to select that model.
I need: SARA-R404M-00B (SARA-R404M-00B)
I think…


For some reason I assumed the SARA-N201 could be upgraded to SARA-R404M-00B, that does not appear to be the case. Why the vendor (U-blox) created a new non-compatible device that has both M1/NB1 plus GNSS support is puzzling. The SARA-R4 line is a work in progress, most of the internal functionality (DCC, SDIO, SPI, I2S) is not functional.
We all know what happens when you assume… DASH is a nice product, 8 layer PCB surprised me but in the US not to useful.

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