SCEF for your SDN?

Hi Hologram team,

I was wondering if you guys had considered integrating a SCEF into your SDN? I’ve been doing a bit of research on IoT (a bit of a geek, I know, but I work in telecommunications), and have been reading up on this SCEF idea from 3GPP which I thought would fit in awesomely with your features and offerings.

The idea of non-IP data delivery, monitoring events etc. are a pretty great feature set that I think a lot of people would take advantage of (myself included!).

Interested to hear your thoughts on it!


Hey Elise,

Great question, and it’s great to see another SDN and NFV enthusiast on here!

This is a technology that we are avidly following currently. Our Data Engine capability is, in many ways, a similar concept of non-IP data delivery (yes, technically there’s a brief IP layer at the moment due to how networks typically work on the “last mile”), and once data arrives in our Data Engine it’s named, typed, and categorized with contextual information, and the routing of such is based upon these qualities.

At the moment, we don’t have a timeline for SCEF, and it actually largely depends upon adoption by tower-operating partners of ours; that being said, we are continuing our development of non-IP delivery and pushing in that direction. It would be really cool to be able to pipe something like SCEF into our Data Engine layer and skip the IP compatibility/translation component entirely someday!


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Thanks Pat! Sounds so cool - can’t wait to see how you keep developing your network!

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