Send and SMS to another SIM card in a cell phone using Hologram Cloud

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all doing fine. I have been developing a custom third party hardware out of Hologram and was confused over some points. I studied over the forums as well as the hologram guides and documents. No doubt everything is well documented and clear. However, I still couldn’t get a clear answer to my question. My application required an message to be generated upon some event at the hardware. This message of Alarm Triggered will be uploaded to my Web Server via internet. Also, this message will be sent to the user’s email and their cell phone numbers.
What I was able to understand was

  • I can easily send this message to Hologram Cloud and then use REST APIs to bring this message to my database.
  • I can create routes on the dashboard to send the incoming message to user’s email.

What I couldn’t understand was

  • How to send the same message to user’s cell phone number without using SMS charges. I read somewhere this can be done using Hologram Cloud as well. From what I read, only the device with hologram SIM can send / receive messages from dashboard but the data cannot be used to send message to another SIM or number. Am I correct in this assumption? Or is there a way to only use data for sending message another SIM as well? If there is, please guide me to it. I believe the SMS over IP feature is no longer functional. I shall be really grateful if someone can help
    Thanks in Advance. Warm Regards,

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