Send data via API


I found detailed documentation about how to send data via the socket API. Is it possible to send data from a device via an Hologram REST API call? I could not find anything about it in the documentation. Maybe you can give me a hint or guide how to do this if possible.


It’s in the docs / reference section

I guess its the " Data Engine Messages/Send Data Message" section.

There I can find the API URL POST

What does “csr” and “rdm” stand for?

I found “csr” in the forums Cloud Services Router.

not sure what rdm stands for …

You might want to fiddle around with SoapUI if you are new to REST API like I was about two weeks ago. is the service endpoint
/csr/rdm is a resource
With this, if you create a GET method and pass your apikey as a parameter, it will list all CSR messages (messages in the dashboard console).
If you create a POST method and pass a json string with your apikey, deviceid and data , it will send a message to your device and you should see in the dashboard console a response message from your device or a timeout error.

(content-type application/json)
“apikey”:“your key here”,
“deviceid”: your_deviceid,
“data”: “Hello, Hologram!”

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