Send error code 48

I have the line:
sent = hologram.sendMessage(messageD,topics=[“Data”])

After what appears to be a successful send, message gets through and is picked up by ThingSpeak correctly, the value of sent = 48. I’m thinking it should be 0 as a successful send.

Where am I going wrong?

Hmm, 48 is the ASCII value of “0”
We might not be decoding that the right way. We’ll look to fix for the next release

looks like we are probably taking the str 0 and returning the ordinal or byte value of it. I will open an issue on github about it and it should be fixed in the 0.9.1 release

Thanks guys. Nice to know it wasn’t something I was doing wrong at least!

yeah this is kinda a weird thing with byte strings in python. Try this:


the last one will print 48 like what you are encountering

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