Send Serial data to Dashboard



I have the Nova connected a raspberry pi. My Raspberry pi is connected to another device via a USB-Serial link (TTYUSB0). I am pulling data from this device to the raspberry pi, currently using minicom. Is there any example code on how to send this serial text information to the hologram dashboard?


bump, same question here


Do you have to use minicom for the serial communication? Could you use something like pyserial and python along with the SDK?

You should be able to read from the usb serial port using pyserial and send it to the dashboard using the SDK. Following the example I linked, all you have to do is add in the pyserial component and that will send messages to your dashboard.


Sorry, my problem is I think different. I am just trying to push a message from a regular PC on the web running Python to my Pi with its Nova.
Basically the same as using the Dashboard UI where I can enter “hello world” – and the code running on my Pi receives it no problem.
The example in the documentation using the Webhook URL keeps giving 404s.