Send SMS to Cell on Sparkfun LTE Board Not Working


I’m working with the Sparkfun LTE CAT MB/NB-IoT board to send and receive SMS messages. I am able to receive messages fine but when I try to send to a cell phone using the examples included in the library, they don’t seem to make it to my phone. I don’t get any sort of error from the modem and it looks like I’m getting charged for them under the ‘usage’ of my device, any idea what’s happening here? The cell I’m trying to send to is on Visible (Verizon MVNO).

I was able to sucessfully send a SMS to a google voice number.

if you are sending without buying a phone number from hologram, so that it shows up at the google voice number as a really long number like +882389384392348923 try buying a number for the SIM.

In general, if it worked to a google voice # but not verizon, it’s verizon. try a few friends’ numbers. ATT and T-Mobile are more friendly in general.

see this thread: Receiving SMS from mobile device - #12 by Reuben

or it could be this:

So I purchased a number and I’m still having issues. Now it will receive texts when sending to the new number from Google Voice, but outgoing texts still show on the old +88… number.

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