Send sms to Verizon number


I have spent a good amount of time searching this forum and others to resolve this issues.

I am trying to send a sms message from my hologram sim via the botlectics sim7000a shield and an arduino. The sms gets sent to numbers that are not verizon (i.e. att and tmobile.)

I understand that Verizon blocks the +88 number and I was on the phone literally all day yesterday trying to get them to unblock the M2M number but no one knew what I was talking about. They out a “ticket” in and told me they would reach back out in 72 hours with an update. I hope it works…

I also read that I can re-route the sms message both here and on another forum. When I try to set up a rerout it seems the sms message selection is no longer there? Is it no longer available or did I miss something.

Any other suggestions on how to get around this would be great.


That SMS-over-IP feature that you’re talking about is deprecated due to spammers unfortunately so you won’t be able to use it.
Verizon should be able to remove the block though. They have done it for other customers.

Do you have any suggestions on what to say to Verizon or which department to take to? When I call they seem to have no idea whats going on and bounce me from person to person and department to department.