Sending Data Through an Additional USB Port


Sorry I am new to the community of Hologram, additionally this is my first time using a forum (in general). So I hope this is the type of question that is welcomed in the community

I have wired a USB port (regular thumb drive port) separate from the dash. I want to be able to pass data from the thumb drive to the Dash. My question is, should I purchase a separate USB to Serial communicator. Or can I pass this data through the TX and RX pins on the Dash directly?

Also, is there a section that discusses some of the specific keywords for using the D12 pin as the TX2 pin.

If this question is vague or not for this forum, please let me know, (this is my rookie programming season for IOT).


Hi Steven, thanks for the question.
You would need a separate USB to Serial adapter and you could pass data back and forth with the Serial2 object. That ties to the TX2 and RX2 pins.
However, I’m not sure exactly what you’d have to send back and forth to retrieve data from the drive. The Dash doesn’t have any drivers for it so you’d probably have to implement that yourself.


Thank you. My goal is to receive data from an ANT +. So I think I would not necessarily have to pass it back and forth. Just receive. At least I hope so, anyway.

I appreciate the heads up on the USB to Serial component. Thank you very much for your response.