Sending Data using Nova without using Data Route


I’m currently doing a project in which I need to send data such as Location to M2X sever, but the problem is Location that to be send to M2X needed to use HTTP PUT which not supported by Hologram Nova Data Route. So is there anyway I can send data using Hologram Nova without using Data Route as a middle man, send it direct to M2X sever?

I have tried it before, seems that nova only able to connect to Data route if I wanted to send anything to the net.

Please help, your reply and assistance would be really appreciate especially from Hologram Team. Thanks in advance, cheers.

P.S I’m still new to this Python and raspberry pi

The Hologram Cloud function uses our endpoint, which then pushes your data through the datarouter. Have you tried configuring this for another address?

Have you read through the other docs so far?

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