Sending large data to the cloud fails


I created an asset tracker that stores GPS data every second, and then sends it to the cloud every minute. Average data sizes are between 600 and 1000 bytes.

I have modified the hologram io gps arduino sketch so in the loop it will run the gps every second and then below when the speed drops below 5mph or 1min has passed it sends a string of data to the cloud.

My theory is that the problem is either:

  • the data string is too large
  • the gps logging while the konekt is trying to send is causing an error
  • the serial output (while debugging) is creating an issue

My other question is that the default sketch has a "SerialCloud.println(“Init”); in the setup.
Is this necessary to start communication with the cloud?


Hi, that size should be fine. We’re seeing some errors in the system that could be related to your specific problem. Can you contact us at (I just don’t want to post any of your message data on a public forum)