Sending SMS "Info" is intercepted before reaching my device

I have a Holgram + SIM7000-based project. I bought a Hologram phone number for it. The interface for the project is simply SMSs from my phone to the device, and SMS-over-IP ( responses from the device to my phone.

The interface includes several commands including owner, info, lock, unlock, and this generally works great, but when, using my cell phone, I send “info” to my device’s phone number, my device never sees it - the message is not delivered to my device. It is intercepted by Hologram (or something else?) and I get back, on my phone, the exact message
“Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Msg&Data Rates May Apply.”

I can change my project to use “status” instead of “info” but this is some strange behavior…

Also, I want to ask again - is the SMS-over-IP embedded APIs planning on being supported for the foreseeable future? I hope launch a product using this functionality soon. It won’t sell that many units, but it will be important to the people who purchase it, and I’ve spent the last 6 months of my life building it, and that’s not nothing…

Sending “info” like that is probably intercepted by one of our number providers in order to comply with certain regulations. Theres a lot of rules around that stuff to try to stop spam. Just use status instead. We’ll get back to you on the official roadmap for that SMS feature.

Thanks again Reuben!

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