sending SMS to queclink device. May need SMS gateway

Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I have a number of queclink asset trackers using hologram SIM cards. Their IP traffic works great. I can send and receive - no problems.
However, when trying to send them configuration messages via SMS, it seems that they don’t connect. The hologram web interface I am sending the messages from shows ‘successfully sent’, but I am not sure if there is a way to verify that the device actually received it.

I notice that there is an empty configuration field in the tracker called ‘SMS Gateway’. Is that something I have to set manually, or is that just to replace the default hologram gateway?

Any assistance to troubleshoot this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

We can only confirm as far as the SMSC received the message, we don’t have a way of guaranteeing that it was delivered, sadly that is how things work with the SMPP protocol.

I am not familiar with your module and there seems to be several different kinds, can you be more specific about what kind you are using?

Thank you for your answer. We are using the TL500MG

I assume you mean this one:

Its a CATM modem so I can’t say for certain if it has anything to do with the SMS gateway on the device but CATM and SMS has been very inconsistent for our tests. If the device has a power saving mode I would highly suggest turning it off as those power saving modes have proven to be a consistent issue with incoming data and SMS not being received.

Yeah, those. We tried both in power savings and non-power savings mode with no success. Thanks for sharing that information.

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