Sending SMS using API examples not working.

I’ve been trying to get a very simple html page to send an SMS based on the API examples provided. The simple html code runs on my server:

!DOCTYPE html>

Device ID:
From Number:

When I do the POST I get the following returned message:


I assume this means that the POST worked, but that no data was delivered? It is quite confusing. I must be doing something very wrong here, but I’m not sure what it is! Has anyone successfully created a script that will actually send an SMS using the API as it is described here? If so, I would really like to see it! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Removed code for security purposes. Sorry.

First try through the dashboard (Send a Message > via SMS) and make sure your device can receive SMS’ originating from the dashboard. If that does not work its likely your device is not configured properly to receive SMS. You dont say which device you are using. Is it a Hologram Nova? some other standard device or something custom? The biggest problems I have found is getting the cellular device configured correctly to receive SMS.

Please reply with the cellular device, and technology (2G, 3G, CAT-M1) you are using and verify the device is on and registered to the network. Also definitely try through the hologram dashboard.

If you dont have one, I recommend investing in a Nova just to have a good reference point when debugging Hologram stuff. Its a good way to decide if the problem is with or outside of the device (ie if the Nova works, its your other device configuration, if it doesn’t work with the Nova, its your API code).

Also I would delete your sample code as you kept your API_Key, you should keep this secret, It could be used for various malicious purposes (spamming your devices, racking up charges on your account, etc).

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