Sending temperature data to Hologram dashboard

I have a temperature sensor attached to a arduino as well as a GSM shield connected via hologram. But cant get the device to send temperature data to the cloud. I am a beginner and maybe the answer is easy… but would love that easy answer! thanks

Answers come easier with better described problems.

What type of sensor, snippets of code and specific error messages are the best way to start building a well formed question.

I’m also a beginner but this project may help you:

also if you tried the HologramCloud.sendMessage command to send message on the cloud, it may be a current issue. the board need something like 2amp a fraction of a second to “send?” with the modem. If you power the unit on the PC, I doubt you get that. So you will habe to upload the sketch, then disconnect the usb and work with VIN with a battery or wall adaptor. I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:
oh I just realized you where working on aruino so it may be not that helpful

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