Sending to Azure


Hi! My Nova is on its way and Im looking for advice on how to connect to my iothub in Azure.

For now I have my raspberry pi communicating every second to the Iothub using the python SDK provided by Azure.

Can someone please let me know if, using the hologram nova, I can keep transmitting to Azure (maybe with a threshold trigger so that am not sending at such high frequency) ? Its important that this data is not routed via Hologram because latency is a huge issue for me, I need to lose as few millisecs from device to azure as possible.

If it is possible to transmit directly to azure iothub, as I do now, will it still be possible to use Hologram to monitor/manage my devices ? ie, have them transmit to both clouds ?



The Nova will give you a normal PPP internet connection so you can connect directly to Azure using their own libraries and still use the Hologram cloud using our libraries.