Sequans Modem, Connection Timeout?

I am using a Gpy that uses a Sequans SQN3330 modem. After seemingly random periods of idle time (5min to 2hrs) the modem is no longer able to transfer data. I have strong signal and the modem indicates it is attached and connected. Also, I never have issues connecting in the first place, but somehow the modem connection becomes “stale” and needs to be disconnected/detached and then reattached/reconnected to resume data transfer.

In case you are wondering why I think this is an issue related to the modem and not the application (python) layer… When the modem goes “stale” I see no activity on the data pins when message data is sent from Hologram. Otherwise I would see it. That suggest to me the link was broken somehow.

Is it likely there is something external to the modem that causes this? Something on the carrier side? I am trying tom find a window to the inner workings of the modem so I can speak more intelligently about this, but I do not know here to start.

Any ideas?

Updated modem firmware solved this.

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Thanks for the heads up!

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