Hi, We are using a Sequans modem and discovered that some would crash upon attaching with the Hologram SIM. We learned that some unsupported bands were indicated…or so I am told by Sequans. The question I have is can someone indicate what specific bands are supported or indicated by the SIM? For us to deal with the issue we need to know all the possible bands ahead of time.

Hi @superpanda,

The SIM doesn’t tell the module which bands to connect to; rather, that’s entirely decided internally by a module.

Did you have an email contact you were chatting with at Sequans? If so, if you could forward that to it would be great to sync with them on what the specific issue is that they’re referring to.


Ok, I was just going by what they asked. Something from the SIM config was telling the modem to do something it does not support. As you can see I am not knowledgeable on this front. I’ll try and connect them. Thanks.

So if Sequans asked me what bands I am connecting to and I use the Hologram SIM and CAT-M1, what do I tell them? The modem is a bit black-box to me so I have no idea what bands I am using. I suppose it depends on which carrier is available no? Is the a finite list? Is that not the right question to ask?

Hi @superpanda,

Great, thanks for trying to connect us.

The bands needed will be determined by the particular local operators you’re connecting to in your region. Typically there are multiple operators available when using our SIM and network in a given region, although Cat-M1 is still being rolled out globally and some local operators are ahead of others in that. Our customer success team might be able to assist with determining which local operators are available depending upon your Cat-M1 deployment region.

From what Sequans said, it sounds like the module isn’t implementing one of the SIM standard’s interfaces, so it will help to discuss with Sequans to see what it is that isn’t implemented so we can better understand its implications.


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