Serial Pinout Documentation

I have a Dash that was working back in February, 2016. I put the project aside for a few months, but am now trying to get back up to speed. Now, my Ubuntu laptop is not seeing the USB serial interface. I have other serial interfaces that show up as /dev/ttyUSB0, but the Dash is not showing up as I would expect. I may have a cable problem – it doesn’t help that all my other devices use mini-USB as opposed to the micro-USB on the Dash. So far, my pain is all self-inflected.

I have a FTD1232 board that shows up as /devttyUSB0 as it should. so I thought that it should be easy enough to hook up the Dash following your instructions here:

The instructions are for the Dash Pro and they reference U14 and U15. So, I go to the pinout diagram here:

There is no reference to “U” designations on the diagrams. I see Rx0, Rx1, and Rx3 and note that Rx1 and Tx1 are the only adjacent receive and transmit pins as implied by the U14 and U15 designations. If I stand on my head and start counting at zero, backwards from the “L” and “R” designations for the Dash (as opposed to the Dash Pro) I can convince myself that U14 is the Dash *RX1 signal on L04 and U15 is the Dash *TX1 signal on L03. Is that correct?

I don’t mean this to sound like a rant. I’m sure the problem is mine. Have I missed a table somewhere in your documentation?

Thank you for your help,

Hey Bob,
We’ll need to update that tutorial. You are correct in that it doesn’t match the diagram. Anyway, using the diagram at you should connect your TTL convertor to pins L06 and L08. Note that those are listed as RX2 and TX2 in the UART column.