service needed for 3 months out of year



I have an application (irrigation) where a device will be used for 3 months out of the year. Can a Hologram SIM be disabled and then re-enabled every year to reduce costs during unused months, or how is this situation best handled.



Hey @cbrake,

Hologram SIMs can’t be disabled once activated given that networks require all activated SIMs to pay a network registration fee for their entire lifetime.

For these types of use cases we recommend setting the SIM’s plan to the Flexible plan when not being used to have the lowest possible monthly network fee (it’s base cost). Furthermore, pausing data will also ensure you don’t get charged for any unforeseen data usage.



Makes sense. Found this with a little more detail:

If I understand correctly, paused SIMs are only $0.40/mo, vs the $1 or whatever the base cost is for active sims.