Set up a personal hotspot using Dash?


I was wondering if there is a way for the Hologram Dash to become a Cellular data hotspot? Can the dash provide a WPA-2 connection for a Raspberry Pi to connect to?


It might be simplest to go with a dedicated Wi-Fi mobile hot spot (such as MiFi) for this purpose - although of course you wouldn’t have access to the Hologram cellular network, and would probably be limited to the single cellular provider associated with the hot spot device.

I actually used a combination of the USB stick, paired with an orange pi zero, or raspberry pi zero W to do just this. It’s pretty simple using a combination of WVDial, HOSTAPD, and some other utilities, but the data cost outside the US is pretty steep. You also have to do some tricky things with the routes.

Months later now, but this has been accomplished via the Nova. Check it out!