Setting up AT&T sim card on Raspberry pi

Hello all,

I have been trying to set up my Hologram Nova Cat-M1 &NB-IoT with an activated AT&T Sim card. I have visited this link given to me by support. I do not understand what changes I need to make or what those changes are. I have the hologram model connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. The raspberry pi has the the hologram software installed. if you have a solution that would help me out a lot.

That article talks about the APN which allows you to connect to a data network for a carrier. Holograms APN is hologram and is baked into the SDK. You would need to set the APN to something like NXTGENPHONE or whatever ATT wants you to set it to. I would talk to ATT and get the APN from them that they want you to use.

Heres a quick thing about what an APN is and where I got that APN from: What are the APN settings for AT&T? | Android Central

When I try and edit the file by changing line 71 from hologram to NXTGENPHONE. I am not able to save the change because the folder is write blocked. I have tried deleting, replacing, and moving the file but nothing seems to work. I have also tried to change the permissions which is also blocked.

Update I was able to edit the file and tried to run sudo hologram network connect -vv to test the connection but I am still receiving the same error of the unregistered sim card. What should I try next.

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