Signal Loss and Reconnecting

My Dash devices are travelling around various parts of the country - coast to coast. I have had significant issues with losing a signal, and then not reconnecting for hours or even days. The primary area of concern has been in the west, particularly in Wyoming. In some of these area’s I can see on ATT coverage maps, that there is no coverage, so that is understandable. However, I have not had great success reconnecting to the network after spending extended time in the limited coverage areas. I often see after passing through Wyoming that the device may not recover for over 48 hrs. Today I have a device that lost signal 8 hrs ago in southern California. It would have spent most of the day in the Los Angeles area which should have great coverage, but it has not yet come online.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Hey, we just released a new firmware version that might help with this. Take a look at the Updating Firmware section on this page: