SIM Card location


Is it possible, at least in the future, to get the tower location of the last connection that a SIM card made using the online dash board?


Yes, we are planning to build this feature, but it requires some significant changes to our integration with our carrier partners and some changes on their end as well so it might not happen for a few months. Right now, the best we can do is the name of the network that the SIM saw last which is currently displayed on the device info page.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Is the feature where we can get Lat Long of where SIM card is available now?

Also, is it possible to get the location on the device by contacting hologram server?



Yes, the Cell Locate feature is available on the Dash and Nova now.

On Nova, with the CLI, you can do sudo hologram modem location

On the Dash we have docs for this feature at

We don’t have location data on our server yet but may be adding this in the future


Thanks Rueben,
For SIM card only (without Nova), do you know by when can we expect the location data on dashboard or on your server?


I’d say within a couple months


Thank you, that’s really good and will help a lot!


I should mention that the location data we’ll be able to report on the server will probably not be as good as the cell locate data generated by the modem. We can basically just see the current tower from our end.
The cell locate utility triangulates from a few towers


You actually answered my next clarification. Thanks!

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