"SIM card registration failed"


I activated a new SIM via the dashboard a week ago. It’s not getting registered on the network.
My device is an SIM900 shield and its status - on the dashboard page - is “Live-Pending”.

I swapped out the SIM for one that I’m using in my phone (Fido) and the SIM has the appropriate registration in a few seconds, so is no issue with my device. The hologram SIM in the phone results with the message in the Topic name “SIM card registration failed”.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Hi, it looks like there were a couple sims that got stuck in the activation process on the carrier side. We’ll get those corrected in the next hour or so.

Apologies for the delay. Normally a SIM should go from Live-Pending to Live within 10 minutes so definitely don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever see it being that slow again.


I still hope it is only the Halloween, and the SIM card is spooked, but I am afraid that tomorrow morning the NetLight LED will be not blinking on 3 seconds but on 1 second.
Right now, when the ghosts are around and laughing at me, my SIM900 device send to me:
+CREG: 3
+CREG: 0
+CREG: 4
+CREG: 3
+CREG: 4
+CREG: 3
+CREG: 0
I am so afraid (is Halloween, isn’t it?) that my Hologram SIM is unwilling to come back from the … (you know what I mean).

Would you have any hope for this SIM? Ideas?

Thank you,


Have you restarted the modem since this morning or has it been running the whole time?

Can you shoot us an email at support@hologram.io with the SIM number and I can dig into it in more detail?


Hi Reuben,

Thank you for the fast reply.

The fact is that I tried a couple of times to restart the modem but nothing new happen (I was too close to insanity definition to continue in this way).

I will send the SIM number later today.

Thanks again,