SIM cards not working with Micron Wireless Bolt 4GA

We are testing the Micron Wireless Bolt 4GA devices that are certified by AT&T to work on their Cat-M1 network. When using a Hologram SIM with the ‘hologram’ APN, these devices are not able to connect to the network, and never show online in the Hologram dashboard. We have similar devices from the same vendor that are certified for the Verizon Cat-M1 network, and they don’t have a problem connecting with Hologram SIM cards. From what we can tell, the AT&T devices have Telit hardware for the LTE radio.

Any assistance here will be appreciated.

Hey @shoskote,

Can you please run this modem diagnostic on a working and non working device and sending the results to



Thanks @Maiky. I wasn’t able to do this myself, but the vendor ran a bunch of diagnostics using a Hologram SIM and the ‘hologram’ APN. Will send that to the email address.

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