SIM cards not working


I have some SIM cards that are not connecting to the network, not working.
when I switch a working SIM card in one of the devices that have a non working SIM the device connect to the network so the problem is the SIM and not the devices.

Can somone verify what is wrong with the following SIM cards/


Thank you!

When you say working SIM card is it another hologram SIM or a different carrier? Are you setting the APN correctly or what are the network registrations values you get? Can you run AT commands and share what AT+CREG, AT+CGREG, and AT+CEREG say along with the type of modem you are using.

Thank you for your prompt response Dom,

Yes is another Hologram SIM card,The device was working until a few days ago ,the APN is ok we ha not change it.

I can have the network registrations values you get and can’t run AT commands and share what AT+CREG, AT+CGREG, and AT+CEREG ,

but when I remove the Hologram SIM card that is not connecting to the network and put a working Hologram SIM card in the device,the device works perfectly.This is the same for all the other devices that are not connecting with the list of SIM’s cadrs that I sent you.

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I understand that it works with other SIM cards but there are a bunch of reasons the SIM card could no longer be connecting that will be incredibly hard to diagnose if you are unable to do any sort of diagnostics on the card. From everything I checked the SIM should be in good standing and able to connect from the network side of things.

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