SIM is already activated


Hi, the dashboard no longer shows my SIM, which worked fine before (used it last year, then paused). When I try to (re-)activate it, there’s an error: “SIM is already activated”. Any ideas?


Sure @tamberg. Can you confirm the SIM # by sending it to Is this a SIM that has kept up its renewal and account balance info in the dashboard?


Done. Thanks for the quick reply.


Hi @tamberg - Our accounts team investigated and saw that the device was marked for deactivation due to the account balance being in negative standing for over a month. If you click to view de-activated devices in account settings you can set the option to see device data.

If you’d like as your account balance has now been updated, we can process a re-activation.

Also, we suggest setting up auto-refill on your account from billing settings to prevent any unintended interruptions of service for devices on the network.



process a re-activation

Yes, please.


SIM now Live and ready for use. Thanks for reaching out!


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