SIM Issues when calling a GPS tracking device Incutex GPS Tracker TK104

I am trying to connect a GPS tracker TK104.

I bought a Hologram SIM card and I activated the SIM card via dashboard: I also bought a German telephone number which is now associated with this SIM.

If I call the new telephone number I keep getting the message " the call number is not connected".

If I send an SMS to the German telephone number and I receive an answer from the device, but the answering number is very strange +88236…

My problem is that I need the possibility to call the device even it is not answering. It recognized the calling telephone number and if the number is in the allowed list it responds with the GPS coordinates.

Does someone have experience with a similar setup? Where do I find the related technical information to the Hologram SIM? Is it just possible to send SMS? Why is my device not ringing?

I have a similar setup and working to resolve. The device needs user number, APN and Static IP with port.

AT commands to install fore-mentioned requirements. Hologram utilizes Dynamic IP which makes port setup difficult.
Some Hologram script in dashboard routes may contain AT command script which might confuse the device.
I found a user forum in the USSR with software and debug for my com chip but not diving in that deep yet. HAHA
There are GPS users here in this forum just a matter of getting educated on Hologram user CLI.

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