SIM Location - Where is it?

Reading marketing on the Professional features of Hologram which includes “Device Location Data”:

“Hologram Dashboard makes managing your IoT deployment a breeze. All platform features also available via REST API for direct integration into your product experience.”

I want to be able to get the SIM location from the Rest API. The above would indicate that is possible, but I can not find it.


Hello @superpanda,

To get a SIMs rough location using our REST API you need to make a GET call on

That will return a lastsession JSON object with an approximation of your device’s latitude and longitude.


What are the limitations of that approximation?
Most of my devices are in NZ and I don’t get location information from them but one of them was travelling through the US and Canada and I did get location info from it while in those areas.
It seems to be carrier dependent … is that correct?

Hey @guolivar,

Can you please send the SIM numbers for some of these devices that don’t show location to I want to take a look at these.


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