"SIM locked" message trying to unpause device?

I an trying to unpause a device and I am getting the message “SIM locked, contact support”…

…so I am contacting support!

There is plenty of money in my account. What am I doing wrong, how can I unlock this SIM, and how can I avoid this in the future?



Looks like that SIM is currently live. Everything good now?

It is showing “live” now. Did you do something, or does it sometimes just need a few hours to start working?

One of our carrier partners is currently having an issue that might have caused the delay. More info at https://hologram.statuspage.io/

Normally, if a SIM gets paused for billing reasons it will resume within a couple minutes of account balance being added. If you’d like someone to dig into specifically what happened here feel free to shoot our team an email at support@hologram.io

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