SIM registration issues

I keep getting

+CREG: 0,3

Registration is denied. Please check the SIM card.
So I logged into the Dashboard to discover I needed to ‘activate’ my SIM BUT No where on the SIM did it say to save the SIM carrier, after punching out the micro SIM I threw away the SIM carrier! If I needed that number why not tell me on the card?

Contacted the vendor of the hardware: China SIM7000A PCI to USB device:

This SIM70000A is the NBIOT and you should use NBIOT SIM card.
I explained to him that there is no carriers in the USA that have NBIOT and asked why he sold and shipped the ‘NBIOT’ board, which from what I understand is a CAT M1 product BUT Botletics has stated he has several SIM7000A-A that do not connect that he can’t sell.

I’m a little confused on what exactly you’re asking. It sounds like you’re using a Botletics board in which case does supports both Cat-M1 and NB. M1 is currently available on our network through both Verizon and AT&T. NB is coming soon to our network through T-Mobile.

The SIM number is in two places, both on the card and on the chip. Even if you threw away the card you should be able to activate with the number on the chip.

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