SIM stuck in "Activating"

I have a SIM on the Pilot Plan, previously activated, that I would like to use again. I updated billing info and attempted to “Resume data” but it has been in the “Activating…” state for over half an hour. Is there another step I need to take? Thanks

Hey Har,

Everything you’ve done is correct and there are no extra steps you need to take. Our activation network has been a bit slow today, but your device should activate soon.


Thanks for the quick response, Maiky! I’ll standby.

Hey Har,

Looks like you’re good to go!



Thanks for the help! The modem is “Live” and I handed it off to our FW engineer. He put the card in a Digi XB3-C-A1-UT-001 (Cat-1) modem. The APN is set, but we’re getting an 0x25 error: “Cellular network registration denied.” I’m guessing we have missed a step somewhere, but it wasn’t clear to us. Any thoughts?


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