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Hey there,

I’ve recently bought the Hologram Nova USB Modem (NB-IoT). This is a general question, but in order to use this stick, is it necessary to have the hologram Sim card?

Could I use a Rogers SIM of mine and gain access to the cellular network that way, assuming everything on the Rogers side is taken care of?


Yes, the Nova is unlocked and should work with other SIM cards assuming the carrier supports Cat-M (or 2G/3G for the U201 Nova). You may need to set the APN manually.

I had inserted my sim and a solid red light was visible. However, if i run the modem network connect command in the terminal window (I have a Raspberry pi setup), it keeps giving the error “Failed to start PPP”. Any ideas how to solve this?

I have already installed the necessary and updated packages.


Ah, so while the modem itself will work, it’s possible that some SDK commands may not as I think we set the hologram APN in some spots. Also some carriers block PPP sessions from starting up like that.

Try running with the -vv flag to generate more logging output as that might be helpful.

You can also get raw PPP files to edit here:

So in the event that the carrier is blocking it from starting in that way, is there any alternative methods to get the modem stick a network connection?

Or is running “sudo modem network connect” the only way to trigger the connection?

If you use those raw ppp files, you would install them on the pi in /etc/ppp/peers and /etc/chatscripts and then you use the built-in ppp tools pon and poff to start and stop ppp respectively. (pon nova-m and poff nova-m)

The reason you would use these is that you can add a line in the chatscript to set the APN. It would be something like:

The modem itself has a network stack too by the way. If you just need to send messages to a server, you can use that. See the UBlox R410 AT command docs on that.

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