Sim7000G works fine with T-Mobile sim, but fails to find signal with Hologram

I’m using a Waveshare SIM7000G breakout board which works perfectly when using a T-mobile Sim, but when using the Hologram sim, it fails to find any towers. I have tested the Hologram sim using my phone and it connects instantly.
• The APN to “hologram”
• It’s set to use a dynamic IP
• AT+CPIN? returns “READY”
• AT+CREG returns “0,2”
• AT+CSQ returns “99,99”

When i run AT+COPS=? the device hangs and will not respond again even after 10+ minutes and requires a power cycle.

This may or may not help (from a Hologram support page), but do you have:




Here’s the page:

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Never found the culprit to the issue, but after performing a factory reset with the command “ATZ” the Hologram sim connected instantly.